Roll With The Punches


Roll with the punches is a publication about how skateboarding is becoming a tool for change within the oppressed communities in one of the world’s long-standing conflict zones: Palestine.

Compiled, designed and edited by skateboarder, Tom Bird, following his experiences working with SkatePal  in the Occupied West Bank.

︎︎︎︎︎  Pages: 64
︎︎︎︎︎  Dimensions: 240mm x 170mm

︎︎︎︎︎  Limited edition run of 500 copies
︎︎︎︎︎  Litho-printed on offset paper


  • SkatePal founder, Charlie Davis, on skateboarding as a ‘way in’

  • Qalqilya local, Ahsan Khalaf, on skateboarding as a ‘way out’

  • Photographer, Sam Dearden, on skateparks as a global home

  • Brygerriet Principal, John Dahlquist, on skateboarding as a means of education

  • Father, Eqap Jawabreh, on skateboarding as a family bond

  • All-girl skate crew, Nefarious, on skateboarding as a tool for gender equality


  • A 16-page illustrated history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

  • Original artworks by Requiem For A Screen

  • Crossing borders with Rhamsi Alkadi

  • Additional photography by Tom Bird

This zine is non-for-profit. The proceeds from every copy sold contribute towards SkatePal’s projects in the Palestinian Occupied Territories.

The sales from the initial launch of this zine raised £1000 (10% of  the total) for SkatePal’s latest park build in Jayyous – as featured in the Viceland series Post Radical. 
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For more info about the charity go to www.skatepal.co.uk or for info about the zine, read some of interviews below about the project:

︎i-D    ︎STACK Mag   ︎CNN

For all other enquires,  contact: hello@tombirdistheword.com

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